- Added the possibility to disable the variable parser. (on request by Ryan).

Is now possible to disable the variables parser from Tools > Preferences menu. By disabling it, you can no longer get and set the value of variables from the command line, but you can use the @ character as the first of the line, without having to use the \@ syntax, because, with the parser disabled, the subsequent text will no longer be interpreted as a command and will be left as it is.
Notice that only the command's interpreter will be disabled and not even the variables replacer system, so if you want to use a @ in the middle of the line, you'll have to use \@ anyway.

- Added one modification to the history: if you're searching for something in the history (through up and down keys) and you decide you don't want the string you've found, you can cancel the action with the ESC key. The text box will be cleared and the history set to the last position as usual.
- Updated and improved english translation (thanks to Stuart).


- You can now choose to log either in html or in plain text
- Now is possible to change font to the mud screen (only fixed pitch fonts are allowed)
- Polish tranlation (thanks to KoCuR)

- Corrected a bug that causes the client to crash while managing the mud list (thanks to Celebloth)
- Improved the html logging system, that caused some colors to be alterated in some muds (thanks to Celebloth, for his segnalation of Misterya mud)
- Inserted support for menus on docked windows, this and other improvements on plug-ins system will assure a complete integration with GosMapper.


- Some change to the scrollback system and screen splitting system. Now the screen splits automatically when using the right scrollbar, the mouse scroller or the keys pgup and pgdown
- Corrected a little error in the selection system


- Full-Screen mode, to show the client in full screen
- Is now possible to use complicated expressions in triggers (check out the Features section for more details)
- Now, when you start logging, you can choose to save the current buffer so you can have logged also things already happened (suggested by Esteban)
- New selection system that recognise e-mail addresses and URLs so you can visit them with a simple click on a menu :)

- Renewed graphical interface: new logo, new icon and new toolbar :)
- Corrected a little bug in the rubrica (thanks to Sabo)
- Improved visualization system, now quicker than ever


- You can now lock the layout in the current position to avoid confusion during the game (suggested by Celeblothl)
- Is now possible to use alias in triggers
- Now you can move alias and trigger actions during definition, so you can place new action wherever you want
- Added variables (look at Features for further details)
(thanks to Gelesad for the three additions listed above)
- Also added a nice Easter Egg :)

- The layout system have been changed radically, now it's very simple to place windows in docking, just like dragging them from the current position in the new one. The new layout system allows also plug-ins windows to be docked.
- Inserted the telnet protocol support (and specifically for commands ECHO, NAWS, TTYPE, EOR, GA e NOP)
- Improved the color parser and added support for background colors


- Now you can change the mud screen font size from the preferences window (thanks to Wishmerill)
- Is now possible to save a command in the history without sending it simply pressing the down arrow (thanks to Mindy)

- Corrected a bug that limited the disk buffer lenght to 32.000 lines, now this limit has been eliminated
- Corrected some mistakes in the english language file (thanks to Mindy and Esteban)
- Now the startup configurations for plug-ins are personal for every profile
- Some little modifications to the plug-ins system

designed by Seph - 1024x768 optimized